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Our Story

"Filippo, Sam, and I come from the world of gastronomy, where flavours tell stories and where the power of an experience can anchor a moment into your memory forever.  All of us are hard-wired to connect over food & drink, so it was easy for us to find our lives' calling in hand-picking ingredients and pulling the magic out of them.

Our story started from a simple thought: in restaurants, we sculpt all the elements of flavour for your dish from raw ingredients, so why can't we take that one step further and go right down to the choice of botanicals in your gin?  We hand-make the food, why can't we hand-make the spirit too?

So we did.


Our Distillery

... Our distillery is the smallest in Finland, located inside a penthouse restaurant in Konepaja: Loi Loi Rooftop.  Inside our tiny home, we have been carefully experimenting and intricately crafting unique tastes and aromas which have taken root in the historic trainyard and express some truly sensational flavours.

Up until now we have been preparing our products only for the restaurant, but now the time has come to answer the constant requests for a takeaway bottle. 


Find our Konepajan Rooftop Gin in selected Alko stores and mix it 1 part gin to 3 parts Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic & an orange slice for a glimpse into the vision of our founders and the heart of Konepaja.  It's best enjoyed on our rooftop, and second best where you are right now."

Edward Szechi - Master Distiller

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